Vanity - Highly Suspect

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Highly Suspect - Vanity Şarkı Sözü

Can't you figure it out
Or do I have to write it down for you
I know what you're about
I'm not afraid to shut it down
Over and over and over and over again
Your vanity's so cold
(Your vanity's so cold)
Your vanity's so cold in my
Heart, soul, please, let go
Your vanity's so cold
(Your vanity's so cold)
I guess anything goes
When you're waiting for the one that you love
It's not ready
Hey, man, wouldn't you know?
That the woman should be waiting for love
(Why would you be waiting for love?)
Over and over and over and over again
And I've searched my soul for you today
But this feeling is getting old
It won't go away
I'm lost without you here
My love, it lays under the cornerstone
That the builder threw away
I've searched my soul
Nothing ever came
This feeling's getting old
Right back in the cold now
Right back into the cold, yeah
It's all I've ever known
All I've ever known, yeah
And I have searched my soul, yeah
For you, it's true
But nothing ever comes, alright
And I swear, I'm headed back to the other side, yeah
I can't sit around and watch us both die
Oh, no, I cannot watch us both die
Oh no, not I
You know I've got to try
I need you here
I've tried and I'll try again
Through all my pain
This is not the end